Custom Engraved or Printed Baseball Acrylic Display Case with Base


Introducing our Acrylic Baseball Display Case – a timeless and elegant way to showcase your prized baseball memorabilia. This meticulously crafted clear box, measuring 3.75 x 4 x 3.75 inches, is designed to highlight the beauty of your cherished baseball while providing protection and visibility.

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Crafted from high-quality acrylic, the transparent box offers unobstructed views of your baseball, allowing every detail to shine through. The clarity of the acrylic enhances the visual appeal of your displayed item, creating a captivating focal point for your collection.

One of the standout features of this display case is its customizability. The acrylic surface lends itself perfectly to laser engraving, enabling you to personalize your display with intricate designs, logos, or special messages. Imagine immortalizing the details of a winning game, a memorable event, or a personal achievement directly onto the surface of the case.

For an added touch of sophistication, the acrylic baseball display case also accommodates nameplates, allowing you to provide context and details about the displayed item. Engrave the player’s name, the date of a significant game, or any other information that adds depth to the story behind your cherished baseball.

This display case isn’t just a protective enclosure; it’s a showcase that transforms your baseball into a piece of art. Whether you’re a collector, sports enthusiast, or looking for a unique way to commemorate achievements, our Acrylic Baseball Display Case offers a stylish and customizable solution. Elevate the presentation of your treasured baseball and create a display that reflects the significance and pride you hold for this iconic piece of sports history.

Single location engraving or printing or a custom name plate is included with your purchase. Additional


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