About Us

About Us (in general)

At Make It Yours, we aim to connect with our clients in a unique way through gift-making. We use our creativity, passion, knowledge, and experience to help our clients bring their concepts and ideas to life. We go the extra mile during the fabrication of our clients’ special designs, and we love donating our goods and services to different non-profit organizations in our community. We serve our clients and our community of Knoxville, Tennessee wholeheartedly, believing that they are the root of our success.


About Teddy (He swears this is the most important part)

Meet Ted! The charming face of Make It Yours. With familial allure that tugs on the heartstrings, Ted creates an immediate connection with our customers. Ted’s personality is the perfect mix of sass and cuddles, and he will be your gentle giant shopping companion. With Ted leading the
way, our brand becomes not just a business but a warm, inviting presence for the ones we get the privilege to serve!