Custom Engraved or Printed Plaques


Introducing our distinguished Custom Engraved or Printed Plaques, available in your choice of sizes – 8 x 10 inches or 12 x 15 inches. These plaques stand as a testament to craftsmanship, providing an elegant canvas for commemorating achievements, milestones, or expressing gratitude.

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Whether you opt for engraving or printing, our customization process ensures a meticulous and precise representation of your design. Engraving adds a timeless touch, creating a tactile and enduring impression on the plaque’s surface. On the other hand, printing allows for vibrant colors and intricate details, offering versatility in bringing your vision to life.

The 8 x 10 inch and 12 x 15 inch sizes cater to different preferences, allowing you to choose the dimensions that best suit the significance of the occasion. The smaller size is perfect for a more intimate display, while the larger one makes a bold statement, ideal for commemorating grand achievements or events.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these plaques are designed to exude a sense of prestige. The 8 x 10 inch and 12 x 15 inch dimensions provide ample space for your personalized message, ensuring your sentiments are showcased with the prominence they deserve.

These custom plaques are versatile and cater to a multitude of occasions – from recognizing employee accomplishments to commemorating special events. Whether adorning the walls of an office, a home, or a communal space, these plaques add a touch of sophistication and personalization to any environment.

Choose our Custom Engraved or Printed Plaques to transform ordinary moments into lasting memories. With meticulous attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and the flexibility to choose your preferred size, these plaques become timeless keepsakes that capture and celebrate the essence of your unique achievements or sentiments.

Custom printing or engraving is included with your purchase! Ordering 10 or more? Ask one of our team members about volume discounts.

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8 X 10 Inch, 12 X 15 Inch Matte Black


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