Custom Printed Flip Sequin Notebook


Introducing our Custom Printed Flip Sequin Notebook—a mesmerizing blend of creativity and functionality designed to make your note-taking experience truly extraordinary. Measuring a perfect 5.8 x 8.3 inches, this notebook seamlessly combines practicality with a touch of magic, featuring flip sequins in your choice of gold, black, or silver.


The notebook cover boasts a canvas of high-quality flip sequins that add a tactile and visually engaging element. With a simple sweep of your hand, you have the power to either conceal or reveal your custom picture. Choose the sequin color that resonates with your style or aligns with your brand identity, and watch as the notebook transforms into a canvas of dynamic visual expression.

The custom printing option elevates personalization to a new level. Your chosen image or design graces the cover, allowing you to imprint your personality, company logo, or cherished memories. The seamless transition between hidden and revealed images through the flip sequins creates an interactive and captivating experience, making this notebook a true conversation starter.

Beyond its enchanting exterior, the functionality of this notebook is unparalleled. The 5.8 x 8.3-inch size provides ample space for your thoughts, ideas, and creative expressions. Whether used for professional note-taking, sketching, or personal journaling, this notebook seamlessly combines style with substance.

Make a lasting impression with our Custom Printed Flip Sequin Notebook—a one-of-a-kind accessory that turns the ordinary into extraordinary. Choose your preferred sequin color, customize the cover with your unique design, and let the magic of flip sequins transform your note-taking into a visually enchanting experience. Elevate your stationery collection, infuse joy into your writing routine, and make every page a canvas for your imagination.

Final price is dependent on single or double side prints.
Volume discounts are available, please ask team member for details.

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Black, Gold, Silver


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