Custom Laser Engraved Whiskey or Bourbon Oak Barrel


Introducing our extraordinary Custom Laser Engraved Whiskey or Bourbon Oak Barrel – a distinctive fusion of craftsmanship and personalization that adds a touch of age-old tradition to your favorite spirits. Crafted from premium oak and charred on the inside, this barrel is not just a container; it’s a unique vessel designed to enhance and customize the aging process of your whiskey or bourbon.

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Available in your choice of sizes, this oak barrel allows you to tailor your aging experience to suit your preferences. The oak construction imparts rich flavors and character to your spirits, creating a unique profile that evolves over time. The charred interior accelerates the aging process, ensuring a faster infusion of complex notes, enhancing the depth and complexity of your liquors.

What makes this oak barrel truly exceptional is the opportunity for custom laser engraving. Transform this functional aging vessel into a work of art by adding a family name, a special date, or a personalized design. The laser engraving process ensures a precise and enduring imprint, turning the barrel into a unique and cherished centerpiece for your home bar or a thoughtful gift for the whiskey enthusiast in your life.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the oak barrel exudes authenticity and craftsmanship. The sturdy construction and metal hoops not only contribute to its durability but also evoke a vintage, rustic charm that complements any décor.

Whether you’re a seasoned whiskey aficionado or exploring the world of barrel aging for the first time, our Custom Laser Engraved Whiskey or Bourbon Oak Barrel invites you to embark on a personalized journey of flavor and character. Elevate your spirits, literally and figuratively, with this customizable oak barrel that transforms each pour into a celebration of craftsmanship, tradition, and individuality.


1L Barrel – .26 Gallons – 1.3 750mL bottles

2L Barrel – .53 Gallons – 2.5 750mL bottles

5L Barrel – 1.3 Gallons – 6.5 750mL bottles

Using a smaller sized barrel changes the amount of surface area or the amount of wood barrel in contact with the contents. This larger ratio of wood to liquor has a direct impact on the flavor and length of the aging process and is the very reason that aging in a smaller barrel is much faster.

The rule of thumb for aging in smaller barrels:

• 5 L Oak Barrel – four to six weeks

• 2 L Oak barrel – two to four weeks

• 1 L Oak Barrel – one to two weeks 

Barrels with painted black steel hoops are particularly susceptible to moisture. When the outside of the barrel gets wet, it has a tendency to feather out and stain the barrel, making for a rustic/ weathered look.

Single location custom laser engraving included with your purchase.

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1 Liter Barrel, 2 Liter Barrel, 5 Liter, 10 Liter Barrel, 20 Liter Barrel


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