Custom Laser Engraved Hard Business Card Case


Introducing our Custom Laser Engraved Hard Card Case—a fusion of sophistication and durability designed to make a lasting impression. Crafted from premium faux leather with a sleek silver metal frame, this card case stands out as a stylish and functional accessory. Choose from a range of colors, including the timeless Chestnut, refined Gray, industrial Iron Gray, or the bold Black/Gold combination, and elevate your card-carrying experience.


The faux leather construction provides a cruelty-free alternative without compromising on the luxurious look and feel. The silver metal frame adds a touch of elegance and reinforces the card case’s structure, ensuring lasting quality and protection for your essential cards.

The laser engraving option transforms this card case into a personalized work of art. Add your initials, company logo, or a custom design, and let the precision engraving highlight the intricate details on the faux leather surface. The result is a bespoke accessory that not only safeguards your cards but also reflects your unique identity and attention to detail.

A strong magnet keeps the card case securely closed, offering convenience and peace of mind as you go about your day. The reliable closure ensures that your cards stay organized and protected, making this accessory suitable for various occasions, from professional networking events to everyday use.

Whether you prefer the classic Chestnut, the understated Gray, the industrial appeal of Iron Gray, or the bold statement of Black/Gold, this Custom Laser Engraved Hard Card Case combines style with practicality. Upgrade your essentials with a card case that not only complements your personal or professional aesthetic but also serves as a reflection of your commitment to quality and individuality. Choose your color, add a personal touch with laser engraving, and carry your cards in a uniquely customized accessory.

Single location custom laser engraving is included with your purchase.

Volume discounts are available, please ask team member for details.

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Chestnut 3.85x 2.55 Inch, Gray 3 3/4×2 3/4 Inch, Iron Gray 3.85x 2.55 Inch, Black/Gold 3 3/4×2 3/4 Inch


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