Custom Laser Engraved Faux Leather Coffee Cup Sleeve


Introducing our Custom Laser Engraved Faux Leather Coffee Cup Sleeve – a stylish and personalized accessory designed to enhance your coffee experience while showcasing your unique taste. Crafted from high-quality faux leather, this cup sleeve not only adds a touch of sophistication to your coffee cup but also offers the option for precise laser engraving.


What sets this coffee cup sleeve apart is the choice of two elegant color options – black, which engraves silver, and chestnut, which engraves black. This customization adds a distinct and refined touch to your sleeve, allowing you to tailor it to your preferred aesthetic. Whether you prefer a sleek silver engraving on black faux leather or a subtle black engraving on chestnut, these color choices make your cup sleeve as unique as your style.

The faux leather material provides a comfortable and durable grip on your coffee cup, protecting your hands from both hot and cold temperatures. The laser engraving process ensures precise detailing, creating a lasting impression on the surface of the faux leather that adds to the overall appeal of the sleeve.

Compact and portable, this Custom Laser Engraved Faux Leather Coffee Cup Sleeve is a versatile accessory for your daily coffee runs or leisurely moments. Whether you’re grabbing your morning brew on the go or savoring a quiet afternoon with your favorite cup, this customizable sleeve becomes a statement piece that reflects your individuality.

Perfect for gifting or personal use, the Custom Laser Engraved Faux Leather Coffee Cup Sleeve combines practicality with the artistry of laser engraving. Elevate your coffee breaks with a sleeve that not only protects your hands but also adds a touch of personalized flair to your daily routine. Choose your color, customize your design, and make every coffee moment uniquely yours.

Single location custom laser engraving is included with your purchase.
Volume discounts are available, please ask team member for details.

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Black (engraves silver), Chestnut (engraves black)


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